Our Global client have an urgent fixed term contract for an experienced ecommerce analyst with good insights, customer nurturing and optimisation ability.

Insight and Reporting: the role involves a lot of regular, as well as ‘ad-hoc’ reporting. For instance: Regular: weekly and monthly (regular) dashboards with cover insight summary;

Ad-hoc: product launch reports, product health and performance reports; product gap and forecast analysis.


To be successful in the role, it is really important to be able to learn and systems and data relationships really quickly. Ie, to be able to look at the data and suggest ‘if we had x or y, we would be able to add another dimension to the data/make it more relevant to team a or team b’.

The role is 35% e-commerce analyst; 35% general ‘insight analysis’ and 30% website/journey optimisation,

1. Regular reporting (weekly report), approx. 1 day per week;

2. Analysis and insights (product reports etc.), approx. 1-2hrs per day;

3. Regular reporting (monthly reports), approx. 1-2 days per month;

4. Analysis and Reporting on customer journey/engagement;

5. Analysis and reporting on customer response to webpage changes;

6. Ad-hoc store analysis (merchandise/stock reporting)


Google Analytics – intermediate knowledge – importing to know how to structure segments and arguments;

Excel – strong – pivot tables, macros, lookups, structuring arguments that require multiple data-sets (ie. forecasts etc.);

Tableau – the online store uses this for transactional data and sufficient instructions exist to enable learning this system easily, but knowing how dimensions/measures operate is advantageous.